NIMA, Gurgaon

About National Integrated Medical Association

The National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) is an Indian non-governmental organization of general practitioners educated in integrated system of medicine which includes modern scientific medicine and traditional wisdom from Ayurveda and Unani in India established in 1947.

The first meeting of the NIMA Central Council was held in Delhi on 6th April, 1969 which elected P.N. Awasthi (Bombay) as the President and K.S. Potdar (Delhi) as the General Secretary of NIMA.

Three-tier system of NIMA

The Association has a three-tier system in its working:

  • Local/District Branch : Minimum 11 eligible integrated practitioners from any town/city/area can come together and function locally as per the Constitution of NIMA.
  • State Branches/Territorial Branches : All Local/District Branches in a state form a State Branch of NIMA, is governed by its State Council. Local Branch Managing Committees send their representatives in proportion to the number of their members to the State Council. The State Council meets twice a year, elect its Office Bearers and carries out its duties for the entire State. The details regarding the working of the Local/District Branch and State Branches can be seen in the booklet of By-Laws of NIMA.
  • Central Council : The Central Council is formed by the representatives coming from all the State Councils every year, in proportion to their membership strength. The State Secretary is necessarily the first representative of the State Branch on the Central Council. The Central Council is the most important body in which are vested the general control, management and direction of policy of the Association.

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